31.12.2020. What a year. And this is not another Corona-and-glad-it’s-gone post. I wanted to write so many times, but I never did. Maybe it had to wait till today. Because there are things to say. But let me start but saying thank you for the many messages I received from kind people worrying about me […]

The year 2020


Beautiful Swiss Mountain country side. This is Lenk, the Berner Oberland. Or call it my second home. Whenever I have time, I am up here and even sometimes with my Computer to edit my photos. The view is gigantic and I can get lost in the beautiful green hills, waterfalls and charming villages



We had a day spare while travelling from Scotland back to Switzerland and decided to visit the closeby Warner Brothers Studio tour of Harry Potter. Oh my, they really did a fantastic job and it was really interesting to dive into the world of famous Harry Potter for a day. Fan or not fan – […]

Harry Potter Studio Tour – a little bit of Magic


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