31.12.2020. What a year. And this is not another Corona-and-glad-it’s-gone post. I wanted to write so many times, but I never did. Maybe it had to wait till today. Because there are things to say.

But let me start but saying thank you for the many messages I received from kind people worrying about me and my business. That touched me a lot. I am really thankful to know so many, wonderful people out there. We were in Cornwall during the entire time, where with less people and wide open spaces we could get the necessary distance.

We slowed down too as anyone else. I helped with delivery and shopping for local people who could not leave their house. I started having no-social network days and read magazines I have stored and never had the time to go through them. I discovered, that I am able to bake delicous bread and buns. Having the house full of this wonderful smell of a fresh bread is amazing.

But then April came and our sweetheart dog Shagga died. He was 15.5 yrs, his body was tired but in his mind he was active and young. He is so missed. And every time I went out for a walk and people were asking where our cute senior was, I cried. We still see him running through our house with his funny ears, asking for cuddles or food. His collar is still hanging besides Errols. Some things just need time.

During July till October I could photograph all thr wonderful, lovely weddings in Switzerland. I was so happy that the Corona free bubble allowed to let my couples tie the knot. I felt so happy being out with my camera again and doing what I love to do. We took Errol for a swim every day in the river, we bought a SUP and had so much fun. We hiked in the mountains and enjoyed cool drinks at night. Sommer was full of energy and activity.

October showed up with the most wonderful fall I have seen in many years with colors so stunning that I spent the days outside in the forest as much as possible. It was the last month of happiness and joy. In November my mom died and it got dark around me. The light was gone. When your parents leave, it changes you.

Now it is December and I am wondering as all of you too, where all of this will go. Last year I was looking forward to Christmas, mine and my moms favorite holiday. This year was different. Just the 3 of uf. Quiet.Many families struggle because of Corona, because of not being able to celebrate together as they used too.

So 2020, you have not been easy. But it’s not fair to say it was all bad. Because this year had nice and special moments. Nice moments when people stayed at home and nature could finally take a break. Happy Children who had their parents home with them and enjoy a new way of family life. Cooking together, playing games and making long walks.

Of course I am, as many others worried too. Worried for the health of my loved ones, worried for my business, worried for the future. I have had cancellations and postponed events, but as every other business owner I am thinking a lot about our current situation and the future. Maybe with a changed view of how our life should be. And I believe this all leaves us with new possibilities, chances, even they did not came out of good reasons. I am hoping wherever you are, that you are not alone, and that you feel taken care off.

Have a Happy New year. From us to you.


Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.