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Cornwall – a timeout

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Travelling has always been a big part of my life. USA-Mexico-Lappland-Scotland.. there are many. As we welcomed a new family member (Errol the Golden Retriever) it is much harder to pack up and fly somewhere. Travelling with our dog is easier by car, then by airplane – and Errol loves to sit in the back and watch things passing by. As a fan for Britain – we choose Cornwall and travelled the old fashion way – we drove. Ocean, Coast, Lighthouses, my favorite things.

No hektic at the airport, no squeezing into an airplane, no air turbulences. Good old car. And it was fun, for all of us. Errol loved Britain, he loved the sea, he loved the sand, he loved the britsh people, he loved every dog he could find and played with all of them – and they all loved him.

Enclosed a little selection of Cornish (and non Cornish) Impressions 🙂


Cornwall can be completely surrounded by a Coastal path walk. A stunning and unforgettable way to explore this part of England. While I was watching out the ocean, Errol took a deep, fresh ocean breezeCornwall WeddingCornwall-35Castle Combe, to be most picturest village of England, so they said. Sienna Miller was here, Anthony Hopkins, and now Errol too – this Village has been a Film Location for several Movies. Further south, while we were climbing down to the Porthacombe Beach, Errol was the first time in the ocean water and enjoying the sandy beach

I found this incredible, stunning and unique beach house to rent. Alone at the beach, noone close and completely private with your own, huge “swimming pool” in front of your door. Listening to the sea all day and night was so inspirational. It’s a sound I would love to hear for the rest of my life. I felt peace there, complete peace. The house was used in a Demi Moore film and Kate Winslet rented it before for her holidays. I can understand why. That place is magical and unique. While we were exploring the house, Errol was testing the water…Cornwall-40CornwallImagine the size of these fossils. See Errols big paw in the upper part of the photo The Royal Navy was spottet on Lands End, doing an excercise. While everybody was starring up the sky, Errol had better things to do…Calais the Ferry Port“our house” even only for a week

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