31.12.2020. What a year. And this is not another Corona-and-glad-it’s-gone post. I wanted to write so many times, but I never did. Maybe it had to wait till today. Because there are things to say. But let me start but saying thank you for the many messages I received from kind people worrying about me […]

The year 2020


Ich liebe die Schwangerschaftsfotos Fotos von Pascale, welche im tiefsten, kalten Winter entstanden sind. Merken

Schwangerschafts Fotografie

Maternity + Newborn

Nejras parents had to wait many years for her to come and fullfill their perfect family love. Now she is with them and they are so happy! To see this happiness in the parents eyes and catch it on camera makes me love my job so much. Nejra did such an fantastic job and smiled […]

Baby Fotografin Aargau

Maternity + Newborn

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