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Scotland Memories

Filed in Travel — May 23, 2012

“Over the hills and far away.
That is the tune I heard one day
When heather-drowsy I lay and listened
And watched where the stealthy sea-tide glistened.”

Fiona MacLeod.

There are so many things I could tell you about Scotland and why it haunted me many years ago and never left since then. And I am now here, in front of my mac and try to form the phrases to describe this magnificant country, its green hills and wonderful inhabitants. Last visit was in April and whenever I can I visit on of my favorite places in Scotland, Isle of Barra. The tiny small Island, which spreads a wonderful charme of beeing home. Where else in the world does everyone greet you with a warm smile? And of course, a real “Scottish vacation” for me must include a trip with the Caledonian MacBrayne, the Scottish Ferry. We stayed on Barra only a day and visited Vatersay (photos in the gallery) with the nicest beaches I’ve ever seen.

Imagine: An endless, long beach, blue water and fine, white sand, noone else is there – just you. At the edges you have green grass, white traditional scottish cottages and on the croftland are sheep and highland cows. There is a soft wind, the sun is shining and it seems, you are entirly alone in the wide world. Hardly no sound then the ocean, a seagull who passes you, and the wind playing with your hair.

I was just sitting there, an hour? 15 minutes? 2 hours? I dont remember anymore, I lost track of time, let go of everything, so easily at this peaceful place. And then my mind started to swirl around and the most wonderful phrases are forming inside my brain. This places is so inspring and poetic I understand, why so many great artists are moving to Scotland. For this time, I felt complete peace in my mind and so happy, its hard to describe. I wished I had a pc or a phone I could speak those phrases and keep then until I am home, here trying to remember what I felt.

I am certain many people have their “own special place” where they can feel this complete peace and freedom. I visited most parts in Scotland now and still havent seen it all. The country is changing wherever you are in Agryll, the Isles, Kindom of Five or Aberdeenshire entirly. The slideshow are some favorites from all the past trips of Scotland. My way I feel  Scotland.

Some reasons, why I love Scotland so much:

1. They are hardly any pedestrian crossings in the highlands, they have passing places
2. Neighbours are far away, but Highland cows or sheep are always close by
3. Irn Bru – my water of gold!
4. Thanks to Scottsman James Maxwell we can photograph in color (1861)
5. Beaches in the outer Hebrides, are alike to the ones in the carribean  (a bit chilly though..)
6. They have Clans & Tartans
7. They have Nessie!
8. There is nobody that can brew single Malt Whiskey better
9. There is no place with so many Castles (enchanted, ruins, fully intact – you want it they have it)
10. The only country who is covered yellow in spring and purple in the fall (Gorse and Heather)
11. Sean Connery ♥
12. They dont have lakes – they’ve got lochs! (dont you ever mix this up ;))





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