Readers might know, that I’m addicted to the sea. Especially the UK is a place I feel almost like home. Scotland or recently Cornwall, where we keep visiting with Errol the past years has really grown close to us. Windy and wet weather, the people, blue sea and green hills, I could look at it […]

Cornwall Bride


Nathalie und Erol’s wunderbare Hochzeit mit einem Interview der Ritualgestalterin Astrid Steiner von Hochzeitszeremonien. Wer sich eine Trauung ausserhalb der Kirche überlegt, ist dieser Bericht sehr empfehlenswert. Für eine grössere Version, bitte auf das Bild klicken. Blumen: Tabea Maria-Lisa Anzug Bräutigam: Nisago



I don’t remember a spring so wonderful and intense like this year. Several past weeks of nice weather, that all trees and plants c0uld be watched growing beautifully. The new wedding season has started, and many new styles and ideas rise and spread around the world. New hairdos, ideas for bouquets, dresses and jewelry. I […]

Spring elegance


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