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This blog has a very long history itself, then it all started with a book and a 1 US$ deal at Amazon in 1993. I read lots about ancient Rome, their history and their Emperors when I was a teenager, and I wanted to visit this place so much. So I bought it, as it was ridicilously cheap. I kept it as a treasure, I never read the book. I kept it ready until I would use it in Rome. A few times I was thinking about trashing it. But I couldn’t. And it followed my moving ever since. While travelling to so many places since then it’s almost unbelievable, that it took me 20 years to finally made it to Rome.


But time came, last december exactly 20 years later and it was the best! Hardly tourists, nice december weather, no waiting lines and so much to see! Rome is something you have to see, taste & smell. The city is so large, so busy, so loud and in between, you find the most interesting history places ever. You walk on 2000 years old roads, visit old temples and walk down to christian graves. Small roads everywhere, the nights are full of people, music and gelati stores around the corner. Small restaurants with fresh pasta and basil are wonderful scents in your nose. Standing in front of the gigantic Colosseum is worth the trip alone. That all is Rome. A city full of history and so worth a visit.

The Vatican with it’s treasures and collectionsPhotos cannot give what you feel when you are standing there. A very heavy and sad atmosphere surrounds you. It is quiet there, very quiet. No loud noises from tourists. Seeing this place without thinking in respect of all the lost life is impossible.The way where Gladiators entered the arenaWalking into the catacoms at the Appica Antica

Places to stay:  Hotel Artemide, Center
Places to visit: Appica Antica (take 1 day time), Domus Romanu

Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.