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Wedding in Murten

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It happened before, when I sat with a couple by a coffe and talked about their wedding day, they said: ” Well, it’s not going to be a huge and fancy wedding, rather small and personal”.  Let me tell you, that Weddings don’t need to be expensive and fancy to be gorgeous, and every wedding is very personal. Because the couples makes it special, unique and with their own style unforgettable. And it happens that sometimes the small, intimate weddings are the ones, that are kept in my mind so specially.

But let me try to find the right words to tell you about the Weddingstory of Christine and Romain. Because it’s not that simple. To describe the love and compassion these two are holding together, their family’s who filled, with so much love this day entirly, you should have been present to feel for yourself. The weather was as it’s best and made us visit the beautiful park before sunset for the most romantic photos, while her friends and family were preparing a warming welcome in the stunning castle park of Bümpliz, who lies in the middle of the busy capital city Berne. So many helpers where there, who gave this day a unique touch. Both were very relaxed about their upcoming wedding. They planned it kinda “short notice” and it turned out to be the perfect plan, cause everything worked out just as it ment to be. Arriving on the wedding morning at her farm above Lake Murten, I was stunned about what expected me that day. You know, sometimes I meet couples several times before their weddingday, we talk a lot and you find out how they are and lots about the wedding. With Christine and Romain, I knew nothing actually and went there to get a wonderful suprise. A beautiful bride with an elegant lace dress, a horsecattle, a warm, loving family (including their cute, hairy dog) and so many happy faces that you cannot imagine. Murten, a wonderful place to get married.

Christine’s Grandma was there too, that so sweet Lady, who made a very special present: The handmade wedding gloves, she was wearing at her own weddingday, many, many years ago, as a young women. What a sign that was, how beautiful and special it must have felt!



A special gift on the Wedding day: Grandma’s original glowes that she already used for her wedding – is there a better sign for luck?A bouquet to fall in Love with – by Tabea Maria Lisa Flowers and DesignMurten Hochzeit FotografPreparing for a group shot, the groom and his buddies. Can you imagine, how much fun they had?

Location: Schloss Bümpliz
Flowers and Table Decoration: Tabea Maria Lisa, Bern


Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.