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A year to remember – 2013

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2013  – over again, so fast; and it feels, that each year is passing more quicker than the one before. So many stories have been told, many plans and outlooks fullfilled.  A busy year again, so much did happened, and though also many things not achieved I wanted to do cause of lack of time. A new year tomorrow. A number who is changing, nothing special actually, but important to many people. I have many friends who’s life changed a big deal this year – happy but also sad. New chapters been openend and written. New families grew to one. As all others I do not know, what 2014 will bring us all and for my family. But I am looking forward to it, and feeling blessed to be able for making many new plans again, and photograph wonderful Moments. The photos of people, true stories  – life as it happens.

2013 brought so much to me. So much trusts of people. Love. So many funny moments, and also tears. My biggest joy was the arrival of our newest family member – Errol our Golden Retriever. He thought us so much to care, makes us laugh and healthy by walking so much each day. He is joyning us on our path we go, always there, wanting to share everything with us, and we are so happy he is there!  I finally could mark a big check on my to-do list: Rome – finally after 20 years, also I could photograph a dreamwedding in Italy, a surprise engagement in Venice and the fairytale Wedding of a Swiss National Hockey Star. I swam in cold lakes and searched for gold in the river – snowalked up to the Kuerkonturi and watching beautiful Northern lights up in the sky. I saw my photos in magazines and on international blogs and met so many wonderful new people.

I wish you all the most greatest happiness and may the new year will fill with joy and health. As for me – I have so many new adventures to look forward too next year, which actually will start tomorrow.

For now, I leave with a review slideshow of many special moments in 2013 behind my camera. Many of them are online for the first time.


Enjoy and hope to see you all online again in 2014!


Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.