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Engagement Photgraphy Love Theme * Rakkaus

Filed in Engagement — March 7, 2012

When you meet Laura you have to instantly adore her – shes a natural beauty, a soft gentle person and the most sweetest girl I have ever met. On their shooting day, nature was not at its finest; the temperatures dropped down to 4 degrees and the weather was gray and cloudy. The trees still brown & grey there was no sign of spring yet to come. But Laura and Raphis natural way of moving in front of the camera, made this shooting a wonderful experience and a lot of fun.
And she brought her yellow rainboots. I looove rainboots! A great accessory to play with and making fun photos. I hope, Laura will bring them at her wedding day. They chose a true treasure to say yes to eachother: A private Location with their own lake in the heart of Switzerland, close to the mountains. This will be a fairy tale wedding.

Raphi loves Laura
Laura loves accessories and details
& I love Laura for this! – Excitingly awaiting  September.

PS: Lauras Mom is from Finland – and so does the word “Rakkaus” which means Love



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  1. Laura says:

    Liebe Andrea, es hat riiesen Spass gemacht und wir freuen uns jetzt noch soviel mehr auf unsere Hochzeit, welches für uns ein Highlight unseres persönlichen Märchens wird 🙂 Wir freuen uns dich dann fotografisch an unserer Seite zu haben!

  2. ursi says:

    hammerfotos, gefallen mir sehr. das Letze ist mein absoluter Favorit!!! :o)

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