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“I do” the hawaiian way A wedding photographer gets married, Part III

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Attending a wedding as a photographer is one thing – plan your own a completely different story! I was asked by many clients and friends “when is your big day, and how are you going to plan it?” Many young women have a picture in mind of her dream wedding day. Mine used to be a wedding in the middle of an enchanted forest, a là Robin Hood and Lady Marian. With a wonderful sence of fresh, green moss and birds singing in the trees.  But as Robin Hood wasnt available to walk we down the isle, it came all different…

It took me:

4 weeks to plan
6 days to find the perfekt place
59 emails with my wedding planner
3 weeks to choose my photographer
15 minutes only to decide on my dress
2 days to find shoes on Maui (as I left mine at home)
3 seconds to decide not to wear them
1 day to find the perfect linen pants for the groom
and lot of emails with the goverment to take care for all the necessary papers

Plan a wedding on a place you have never been, with a person you have never met is defenetly not easy and needs a lot of confidence and trust in your wedding planner. 12 hours and 2 oceans between us I gave Steven some headakes; for example when I asked for peonies flowers, who even on Hawaii didn’t bloom in November or a videographer who can tape a film in a special style I had in mind. But he did a fantastic job. Having a celebration without your family and friends might seem strange – it was for us also. But on the other hand we enjoyed this small moment of privacy having just for us, a place which cannot be more perfect, like out of a hollywood movie, a beautiful beach House, a garden with direct access to the beach, the ocean in front of us and the most beautiful sunset you can ever imagine. Can getting married be more romantic?


Wedding Planner: Steven Cook, White Orchid Wedding, Maui
Location: Makena Beach House
Wedding Photographer: Anna Kim
Videographer: Greg, Maui Weddings
Hair&Makeup: Mauimira

Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.