About The Wedding

NATHALIE & FABIO – you belong to the most kindest, and deerest people I have ever met. Your naturality and love for each other reflected in so many different ways throughout this wonderful day in Pontresina & Celerina, where you celebrated your stunning Wedding. I have never seen so many Peonies in one place. It looked like an ocean of flowers, gorgeous and beautiful. The stunning Hotel Walther in Pontresina where you celebrated with your closest friends and family was the perfect setting and the greatest hosts.

Nathalie + Fabio

Pontresina, St. moritz

Even though it was snowing early morning on this June day, the sun came up later and warmed us all up. I’m so thankful that you didnt matter the weather and went all the way to the gorgeous Stazersee for your wedding photos. It was early, it meant that we had to plan extra time in order to make it happen and give you the privacy you deserved, but we did it. And it seemed like, that it was your lake for this very hour. The photos are reflecting the picturesque nature and in the center you – my wonderful couple.

Thank you for having us that day and making us feel so special.

Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.