About The Wedding

October can be a tricky month for celebrate a Wedding in Switzerland. You either find yourself on a beautiful, sunny day with warm temperatures, or in the middle of rain and fog. Hence, however the weather is, the colours, the light and the whole surrounding has it's own special magic.

Livia and I talked the week before her wedding lots about a dry option for her Wedding Photos but I felt, that she wanted to make the shooting outside. The luck was on our side than the minute we planned start with the photoshoot, it stopped raining. We took that spot and drove to the beautiful Belvoir Park to capture the late falls magic.

Livia + Marco

Zurich, Switzerland

I had the huge honor, to photograph Marcos' sisters Weddings in the years before. There are families which grown really close to me, and Livia's and Marcos, definitly left a warm, close feeling and a smile whenever I see their picture or think of them.

Livia and Marco – thank you. Thank you, that you were so brave to join me outdoors even the weather was so uncertain. Sometimes you have to be brave and you get rewarded. Thank you that you trusted me capturing your personal memories. We loved spending that beautiful day with you and your loved ones!

Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.