About Me and the photography


I always loved to travel. After living 2 years in the US, I lived 3 years in Mexico, working as a Scuba Instructor and introducing people to the underwaterworld.

Fascinated by water, light and wind, I enjoy walking along the soft, green hills, the rocky coasts and the long, sandy beaches.


During my travels I am trying to picture memories for my friends and family back home. Besides landscapes I also enjoy picturing animals and people. Capturing a look on their face, or a moment who should never be forgotten. Lu

Wedding photography has been the perfect combination for me to give something to my couples which lasts forever. During the last 7 years it took me to the US, Greece, Maldives, Italy and other countries. Capturing their special day is such an honor and I believe, that I have one of the most wonderful jobs in the world.

I can't wait to meet you!



Andrea the Photographer

Errol - backoffice and client acquire

Adrian - Husband, Second shooter, driver