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Karin and Robin – it’s that kind of couple you fall in love from the beginning. They travelled for their engagement shooting especially to Cornwall UK – I was there at that time and they love the sea as much as I do (Link). During their civil Wedding in Zuerich, it rained the entire day but both did not care, took an umbrella and danced in the middle of the street (how great is that?)(Link). Robin and Errol (my dog) are since their first meet big buddies and had a fantastic time in Cornwall.

Their big Wedding was really uncertain as it was in the middle of the first Covid crisis. Luckily the infections were so low that they got the ok to go on with their plans. Sometimes you have to be brave! 🙂

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Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.