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The Blausee who lies in the midst of the Berner Countryside turns at 4 pm, when the park closes, into a very private, and unique spot. Even the sadness of the legend cannot keep away the beauty of this enchanted place. And I understand why so many couples get married at this lovely spot.

“the eyes of the beautiful maiden who died of a broken heart were deep blue. The Blue Lake is also deep blue, in eternal memory of the love of the maiden”

It is perfect for photographs and enjoying a warm summer night together outside. The bride wore a dress from the German Noni collection, the Groom had his Grandfathers watch in his pocket from the late 1800’s. The party was wonderful and so funny, with drinks for the Ladies (Hugo) and for the Gents (Americano) an Swiss traditional Alphorn player and a jukebox for dancing till the early morning.


Blausee HochzeitBlausee_Wedding_3Blausee_Wedding_1-3Blausee_Wedding_Hochzeit_41Blausee_Wedding_1-4Blausee_Wedding_1-5Blausee_Wedding_1-6Blausee_Wedding_1-2

Thank godness, the groom was in such a good shape…

and nothing further happened…


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