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There are good reasons, why to step into your wedding outfits and photograph again after your big day:

  1. your Wedding day was too busy in it’s schedule, or it was raining & you missed the gorgeous sunset photo you wanted so much
  2. you can’t get enough of feeling like a bride and love to be in your wedding dress
  3. you want a very special location you couldn’t reach on your Wedding day, cause of timing issues
  4. it’s lots and lots of fun!
  5. you don’t want to worry about time, your hair and that the dress could get dirty

My couple choose to do so, because of all the above reasons. And it was worth a million times! Some say that the Wedding day is unique and the photos will not be same and miss the magic…  Really? Well if you think so, look at the pictures below and I proof you, that this is not true. It’s the opposite I believe.

Stephanie and Sören got married in the beautiful countryside of Berne. I’ve fallen in Love with the Berner Oberland many years ago as a child and I still think it’s one of the most precious part in our country. It has something very lovely,  sweet to it. The view is magnificant, the feet of the mountains are covered with a soft, pretty green blanket of grass. It’s charming and if someone would ask me where to see Switzerlands most beauty, this is the place I would send them. Their wedding day was one of the hottest this year, a record and we were all so happy that the bride thought about two important things: move the reception under the big trees for shadow and some fresh breeze, and order a Ice Cream car for their guests refreshment. What a fantastic idea and a must have on summer weddings. It’s so much fun and who doesn’t love homemade Ice Cream?

They celebrated outdoor, whith a gorgeous Wedding arch. Their colors were a beautiful salmon, perfectly matching the brides flower crown, shoes, the grooms socks and his fly. For dinner they changed to turquoise. Petit and Sweet from Zurich has done magic with their cakes and sweets. Just alone too beautiful to look at and so delicious.

It was a very special day, like so many this year. And I am so happy that I have so wonderful couples. They are fun, loving, sweet and above all fantastic people. Life is good!!

Andrea xo



Es gibt gute Gründe, nach einer Hochzeit nochmals ins Kleid zu steigen.

  1. am Hochzeitstag war einfach nicht genug Zeit dafür
  2. Ihr könnt nicht genug bekommen um sich als Brautpaar zu fühlen
  3. Es hat an eurer Hochzeit geregnet und ihr wünscht euch einen traumhaften Sonnenuntergang
  4. es macht unglaublich viel Spass!
  5. Ihr müsst euch nicht um die Zeit, eure Frisur oder das Kleid kümmern, dass even. dreckig werden könnte

Mein Brautpaar hat genau dies gemacht und auch wenn einige sagen, dass nur am Hochzeitstag magische Bilder entstehen muss ich sagen… Wirklich? Denn ich behaupte das Gegenteil. Wie wunderschön ist es in diesem Fall, in den Bergen bei fabelhaftem Panorama nochmals Fotos entstehen zu lassen.

Ich liebe Berghochzeiten. Stephanie und Sören haben im Berner Oberland geheiratet in das ich mich schon als Kind verliebt habe. Es hat etwas sehr schönes und liebliches und der Ausblick in die Bergkulisse ist einmalig. Perfekt für eine Berghochzeit!

Berghochzeit Lenk, Zweisimmen Thun

Hochzeitsfotograf Berner OberlandBerghochzeit LenkHochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-112Hochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-116BerghochzeitBerghochzeit_Berner_Oberland-1-3Berghochzeit_Berner_Oberland-1WEdding photographer SwitzerlandschnoerkelWedding Photographer SwitzerlandHochzeitsfotografin BernGerzensee Heiratenfreie TrauungszeremonieHochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-32Hochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-33Gerzensee HochzeitHochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-38Hochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-34Hochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-39Hochzeitsfotografin_GerzenseeHochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-61Heiraten im Sommer BernHochzeitsfotografin Bern, GreifenseeHochzeitsfotografin_BernHochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-64Hochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-58Hochzeitsfotografin_Berner OberlandHochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-62Hochzeitsfotografin_Lenk_Simmenthal-78Hochzeitsfotograf BernBest Wedding photographer Switzerland


Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.