Tomorrow we need to exchange another number. 4 to 5. Amazing how fast time is running. 10 years ago I celebrated New Years in Mexico. And another 10 years earlier I was in the US. And it seems, every year it is passing faster. I know it doesn’t of course, but our lifes are getting more hectic each year and we forget more and more to live each little moment of it, busy chasing our goals and dreams. The last week a picture Album made a huge turnaround on Facebook. “my wonderful year”. I am sure, not everybody had a wonderful year, also for me, it wasn’t always as I hoped and planned to be. But at the end we all write our own Story and those moments, even bad, make us the people we are.

My New Years resolution will be, to precious each and every moment. Living it intensifely. Taking a deep breath each day at least 3 times.
Beeing more aware about me and whats around me.

But before I am getting lost into it, I want to thank you all from my deepest heart. Everybody who was part of it, supported it, made it happen. Gave me so much joy, laughter and also tears. Letting me being part of something so special for you. I will always treasure it. Each one of you. Without you – it wouldn’t be possible. I am looking forward to another year of many adventures, some of them I already know, many still to come. With this little review of the many thousands of pictures I captured in 2014, I wish you a wonderful last day of this year. Some of them are new, some you might seen before. Some hopefully make you smile. After all, we should leave 2014 with a smile. This is my lookback.

Have a powerful start into 2015!



Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.