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Wedding in Lucerne

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That Saturday in July was a rainy day. It started in the morning, and did not end until the sun went down over the city of Lucerne. But the day said goodbye with a wonderful coloured sunset. It is a bit sad for my couples when they plan to spend their day outside and then turning up to be inside the whole time. My couple was so wonderful about it; they did not let that weather influence their happy day at all! Let’s be honest, can you change it? No – so be happy, let’s party and have a great time anyway. Then after all – it’s not only about where you get married, it’s how you get married, that all your family and friends are with you and having the blast of their lifetime!

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Due to the heavy rain we had to choose a backup solution for the wedding photos. The closeby Verkehrshaus in Lucerne was perfect and such a different location for it. Verkehrshaus LuzernVerkehrshaus Luzern HochzeitHochzeitsfotografin LuzernHochzeitsfotograf LuzernWedding Photographer SwitzerlandLuzern_Heiraten_Fotograf-1-5HochzeitsfotografBrauttanz, Hochzeitsfotografin LuzernHochzeitsfotografin HermitageHermitage Luzern

Location: Hermitage Lucerne
Dress: Benicarlo, Pronovias
Makeup: Schminkperle, Andrea Knecht

Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.