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Midsummer Wedding in Baden * Simone and David

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I never met a bride, who invested so much time and heart with planning and handcrafting for her wedding day, as Simone did.
She made 300 handmade paper flowers to decorate every table on the ship at Lake Hallwil and delicious Jelly Jam as a Thank you – give away for their guests. A vintage window frame, painted and 120 keys added  standing in the entrance hall of the Stanzerei in Baden, all single tagged with the guests name, a “who is who” picture wall, each with a small introduction how the couple and the person is standing in relation to. I could go on and on. But the most cutest thing was  David’s nephew who entered the ceremony with a sign “Uncle David here comes your bride” and  “the bride said yes” after the end of the ceremony. So many nice details, I was in photography heaven. You could feel the love and passion she had,  making all those wonderful things for their day special.

I had the honour to go bridal dress shopping at White Lounge in Wallisellen with Simone. How much I love that! I believe, sometimes brides are a bit shy about trying a dress who might be very shapy and tight on their bodies. Or going for a completely, different style. But that dress was there hanging and waiting for her to wear and shine in it! She looked liked a fairy tale princess. I have never, ever had so many people beeing speachless or even having tears in their eyes, as with Simone. She blew us away – all togeher.

After our  Photoshooting, the couple stopped in an small vintage Cafe Frau Meise in Baden for a coffe and a short break. Leaving the place and getting ready for the ceremony, they passed a family with small children. The girl whispered to her mother “Mommy, is this snow white?”  It touched my heart, it was so sweet. Yes, she really, truly was!


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Cufflinks personalized with their names on it,  emroided their names and date into his suit. Small details like this really gives a personality into the weddingday and is unique. I loved her black shoes which fit perfectly to the Vera Wang waist band and her black hair. I am in love with her nail color!!
Cutting the cake not at midnight, but in the afternoon with all the guests on the Lake Hallwil. 300 handmade paper flowers in all colors matching the cake. Schiffahrt HallwylerseeAn definite eyecatcher: who are all your wedding guests? And in what relationship are they to the couple? Do it like Simone & David and make a wall of photos, each with a small introduction of the person or the family
Stanzerei Baden, Heiraten in Baden

Location Ceremony and Reception: Villa Boveri, Baden
Location Dinner: Stanzerei Baden
Weddingcake: House of Cakes
Hair: Butterfly Hair&Nails
Makeup: Schminkperle

Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.