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 Be beautiful and show it!

“I love my body, I love everything about me and I want to be photographed who I am”  – that was Loredana’s wish, when she turned to me for Portrait photos. Who can say this from themselves? To understand Lori you need to know that she is the most cutest person ever, with a great personality and a great gift: she can make people happy by simply smiling at them. She can turn forgotten things into beautiful treasures. Not many people own such talent. Especially in a busy world as ours today, where people talk to eachother by typing text into a machines.

2 years ago she openend her own business called  “Shabby Treasures” a small shop with full of Vintage Designs and handpainted furniture. Entering her store, you are stepping into a different world. Loredanas world. And sometimes, if I need a time out of computers, Facebook and co. I visit her cute store, get a coffee in a pink mug and a cupcake. Welcome to Shabby Treasures.DSC01948Shabby Treasures is located in Brugg in the old part of the city. The whole store is full of small things and it can take you hours, to look through it allShabby Treasures, Vintage Shabby Chic

Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.