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Twin Sisters * Zwillingsschwestern

Filed in Family — October 31, 2012

Jana & Tanja are two gorgeous twin sisters. Jana is living in Tennesse USA, Tanja has a well running cosmetic studio in Switzerland. When you watch them, you have to love them! You feel this indestructible bond between them almost immediately. That special bonding, only twins have. It was so much fun to watch them during the shooting, how they talk, laughed and communicated with eachother. It seemed to me, they  spoke a silent language of understanding. A special experience to me! Both girls are huge dog fans, Tanja owns 4 of them and Jana one. She just recently opend up her dog tool shop.

No wonder I said immediately yes, when Tanja ask me if I would photograph them together. Then, 1. I love new challenges, and 2. I love fall shootings. My favorite Season. Switzerland is covered right now in the most beautiful indian summer colors! Days are cold but sunny. Leaves are red, yellow and golden brown and makes a shooting just magical.

Thank you ladies for these great hours together!

Make up artist: Andrea Knecht by

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