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A promise a swiss – italian Wedding

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There are so many reasons, why I loved this wedding so much. Barbara and Emanuel are a wonderful very natural couple, and I hardly ever had so much fun at a wedding like on this very hot day in August.

Barbara had this stunning dress from Maggie Sottero, a dream of a wedding gown!

Her hair
oh jeez I could write a novel about it…. I love brides who wear their long hair naturally open, as they also do in their daily life. Barbara choose an american Style hairdo for her wedding and she looked so stunning with it. I was secretly hoping for this, and was so excited when I saw her the first time.

She loves to pose – and she lookes georgous doing it! There are brides I cannot stop making photos from and loves the camera so much – She is one defenetly one of them!

They had their own personal wedding vows. Isnt there anything more romantic than this? A couple is normally already very nervous before and durnig the wedding ceremony. But stand up there and Promise eachother  in front of all your loved ones, makes it so personal and so wonderful, I had a tear in my eye.

As a true Italian the wedding wasn’t complete without it: The Cinquecento, a legend of a car. The Cinquecento is not just a vehicle, it’s a lifestyle! Hardly beliving that the bride would fit in with her dress, they managed and we took off to a lovely, lonely field where we took some romantic photos and they both could have a minute for themselves. Of course, the car on the photo couldn’t be missed.

They collect ducks: Every guest was asked to bring one on the wedding day. It was hillarious to see, with how much phantasie these yellows ducks got transferred into something else.

There always funny moments on each time which makes a wedding unforgettable. Like the little girl in the church who had her tung out after she was done spreading flowers, or her Boss who was so happy with her and touching her haid and hairdo and she started to scream (never, ever, ever do that) Or her father putting her shoes on and she started to laugh.

Barbara&Emanuel, you two were just faboulus, we had such a wonderful time with you.  I hope to have you again one day in front of my camera!


Andrea Kuehnis is a photographer and travels worldwide offering weddings, elopements, and lifestyle shoots to capture life's most special moments.