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Let’s be Models * Styleshooting

Filed in Portrait — June 6, 2012

– 5 Friends
– 1 Stylist
– Champaign
– 1 Photographer
– great accessories
– lots of fun

= a great Styleshooting!

See yourself as never before and have photos which last forever. Beeing styled completely different with a bit more of everything. And most of all: doing something together and having fun! With these “must-haves” Andrea contacted me and asked for a Styleshooting for herself and her 4 girlfriends. All women set in life, most of them having families of their own and beeing moms. What a great idea, I immediately said yes to this and we started to plan. When I arrived at the shooting place (a private home of one of the ladies) the party was fully running. 5 Ladies were getting ready, changing clothes, beeing styled, trying on accessories and simply having lots of fun. It was a taste of a bit nervousness and excitement in the air. They remembered me of the girls from Sex and the City 🙂

Some of them were never in front of a camera but lost their diffidence within matter of minutes and where fantastic. A great shooting that lastet much longer than originally planned, but honestly: who could have stopped with so much beauty and so much fun? And I am sure everybody agrees with me: these women are simply stunning ♥


Styling: by Andrea Knecht

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  1. PrinzessinN says:

    Was für eine coole Idee! Tolle Fotos’

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